All-in-one care management software built for healthcare providers around the globe

Schedule care professionals using fully integrated care software, receive real time alerts for missed or late visits,
record all patient notes on
user friendly mobile application

Create virtual wards using sensors, manage illness through Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Monitor patient VITAL signs remotely & prevent illness, receive alerts on an interactive dashboard of any symptoms that occur in real-time

careVITALS, all-in-one platform includes:


Allocate visits based on continuity, patient preferences, distance, & availability

Remote Monitoring

Monitor patients vital signs in real time, 24/7 with alerts to an interactive dashboard


Digitise all processes by entering data on a user-friendly mobile application improving compliance & safeguarding


Strategically place sensors in the patients home to receive alerts on any falls, or sudden changes to daily habits

Meds Management

Administer medication with
e – signatures & auto updates on integrated electronic MAR

Time & Attendance

Use GPS,NFC or manual tagging to evidence visit times & location

Staff Management

Record availability, holidays, absences, training, related notes, PPE & upload documents

Data Analytics

Extract data on employees & patients wellbeing including historic data of vital signs

Telehealth & Dictation

Communicate with patients through video & use dictation to record patient notes

Role based apps

Allow specific stakeholder access to patient data on either front-end browser or
mobile application

Payroll & Invoices

Run payroll for employees and invoices for patients based on completed hours

Stakeholder access

Allow key individuals or groups access to data when necessary or authorised by patients

Our Values



No hidden costs, customer centric,

we build software for our partners

& the people they care for



We invest in innovation to give our partners the best, securest and most cutting-edge technology so users will always
deliver care in confidence



We put our partners and their patients first which enables us to deliver an infrastructure allowing the

highest standard of care



We will always endeavor to support
all of our partners, making sure
we put users first so they can put their patients & workforce first

All-in-one platform with remote monitoring, sensors & real time alerts creating
a virtual ward
minimising unnecessary hospital admissions, & always putting patients first

What we offer


careVITALS support all our partners, dedicated account managers, out of hours services, online & face to face visits for training and change management

Data Backups

All data backed up on secure, accredited servers located in specific global regions meeting GDPR, ISO & all data legislation in your country

Software Upgrades

Our software is constantly upgraded, with releases to mobile applications, core system and stakeholder tools

Change Management

Assigned project manager to work closely with you to manage change. We have incorporated tools to assist with data management in a secure environment saving you resource