Affordable, transparent packages built and tailored for your care provision, no matter where you
provide care

Pay monthly or PaYG

All partners of careVITALS use a Pay as You Grow (PaYG) package, only pay for the number of licences required for your workforce, no matter how many people are being cared for. Healthcare organisations that experience growth can purchase licence bundles for new users. Select a 12-month rolling subscription allowing transparent budgeting. Our expert consultants will design a package that is best suited to your care delivery, country & the people you care for, making sure that you have all the rights tools to put the patient first.

Whichever package you choose we will provide you with all the tools needed to deliver care safely, confidently,
securely & affordably

Training package

Training packages start from £500 inc VAT*

*one off fee, includes 1 FREE month

Pay Monthly

Subscriptions include all integrated modules above, sensors and wearable devices can
be purchased directly from our hardware partners
Subscriptions start from £200 inc VAT (UK only)
Please Call 0800 001 6064 for pricing for your specific region

Monthly billing is based on number of license users for
e-scheduling & mobile applications, all other modules are included at NO extra cost