Transforming healthcare through the use of innovative technology enabling healthcare providers to deliver outstanding care

Transforming healthcare through the use of innovative technology enabling healthcare providers to deliver outstanding care

Our Mission

Putting the people being cared for first. Offering healthcare providers, the best technology so they can focus on delivering care. We are on a mission to revolutionise how healthcare is carried out & recorded by care professionals around the globe using affordable, accessible & secure technology, saving lives by detecting illness before it occurs through remote patient monitoring & accessible real-time data, increasing preventable hospital admissions & allowing patients to stay within their own chosen surroundings for longer.

Remote monitoring

Use the Internet of Things (IoT) & comprehensive technology tools to monitor patient vital signs without human intervention using wearable devices & strategically placed sensors to create a virtual ward within a patients chosen care setting. Includes real time alerts to a central dashboard as well as detecting illness through artificial intelligence & machine learning, all accessible in one seamless care management platform combined with mobile applications.

Scheduling & digitisation

Use careVITALS to schedule care professionals based on a patients requirements, travel distance & care professionals continuity. Record all patient notes & administrated medication on a user-friendly mobile application which works offline & is cross platform. Allow selected stakeholders to view completed scheduled visits with real time patient notes as well as data on any falls, accidents or incidents.

Outcome based & person centred

Evidence outcomes that have been achieved for the patient based on selected needs & requirements, measure and record achievements on easy-to-read graphs which can be evidenced over a selected time period. Improve the patients wellbeing by focusing on the care that is required for the patient ensuring that preferences are met whilst providing personalised care.

A secure centralised data record

Centralise patient data allowing selected stakeholders to have access to one secure single data set that improves data integrity, generating valuable data insights, centralise reports for a (or) several patients & care professionals, evidence care data through a digitised patient record which holds all historic and current patient notes, clinical findings, uploaded test results, all medication that has been administrated & recorded on the careVITALS mobile application, demonstrate how a patients wellbeing and conditions have been improved over a selected time period.

For all healthcare providers, globally

careVITALS can be built specifically to the care you deliver meeting requirements and legislation dependent within your country. Having a centralised record is crucial for a patients wellbeing, with technology changing around the globe & more people embracing their chosen care setting which may include residential care, complex care, supported living & community care as well as secondary care providers who approve & support patient observations to be monitored through the use of virtual wards, careVITALS is an ideal choice for care providers looking for a feature rich platform to provide outstanding care for their patients. A bespoke care management system with pricing to reflect our mission allowing our partners to deliver care confidently, securely & affordably.

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